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Our cider maker, Zeb Dewar of Baird and Dewer, will be selecting the blend of apples for each workshop. The first will focus on Gravenstein apples and the second will focus on Belle de Boskoop.  Both blends include a selection of the most flavorful heirloom apples with attention paid to balancing flavors and creating an amazing cider.

Zeb has many years of craft cider making experience and has been crafting blends with Queener Farm apples for the last several years. This is his third year of teaching workshops at the farm and sharing both his knowledge and his big cider press with cider enthusiasts. As the cider industry grows, cider apples are in ever greater demand. The farm gets frequent calls from cider makers of all sorts but we are proud to be associated with Zeb and his amazing ciders. We're also grateful that Zeb has agreed to share both his knowledge and some of our best apples with all of you. There is truly almost no other way for hobbyists to get both the fruit and the knowledge in one place.


Single  Hard Cider Workshop (Otc. 20th 2018)
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Single Hard Cider Workshop (Otc. 20th 2018)

Join us October 20th 2018 for our Fall Hard Cider workshop: Go home with 5 gallons of cider and all the knowledge you need to ferment it. Each workshop is $100. This workshop will feature a Bellede Boskoop led blend. This blend will produce a bright, fruity, and dry Hard Cider.

Make cider with amazing apples, wonderful teachers, and enthusiastic cohorts. Joining us for a Hard Cider Workshop is great introductory way to advance your knowledge and skill at pressing, fermenting, and combining apple varieties to produce unique seasonal blends.

 At the end of the workshop you walk away with 5gallens of Hard Cider made during the class.

If you want a more in-depth experience, we encourage you to join the Hard Cider Club for an additional $50 to attend both 2018 workshops with unique seasonal blends. It is a great way to get access to the best cider apples, great cider teaching and fun group cider sampling.

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Why join the club instead of just stopping in to press cider?

1. We reserve the best varieties of apples for hard cider for our club members and our cider workshops.
2. You get cider making advice from resident cider master Zeb Dewar.
3. Enjoy making cider with a bunch of other cider enthusiasts, learning from each other, and tasting some of our favorite brews.


For more information email us at queenerfarm@gmail.com